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Postflopizer Update: Advanced Tournament (ICM, MTT, PKO) Support

We're proud to announce that our highly anticipated update that brings ICMIZER's tournament functionality (including but not limited to various ICM models & MTT & PKO support) to postflop GTO simulations is now available in Postflopizer.

Postflopizer is a comprehensive postflop GTO Solver and analysis tool designed to elevate your poker strategy. Catering to the needs of tournament players and our old time ICMIZER users, this update introduces support for Independent Chip Modeling (ICM), Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) ICM calculations, KO tournaments, and adds support for Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments with our proprietary TrueBounty model.

Additionally, it enhances user experience by incorporating hand history loading for both tournaments (all major poker rooms that ICMIZER supports) and cash games (Currently PokerStars), making it a versatile tool for poker enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Revolutionizing Postflop Tournament Play with ICM and MTT ICM Calculations

The introduction of ICM calculations allows players to make more informed decisions by accurately representing the value of tournament chips in terms of real money. This method is crucial in the later stages of a tournament, where the correct strategy often involves considerations beyond the mere accumulation of chips.

Postflopizer takes this a step further by integrating MTT ICM calculations, providing users with an even more nuanced understanding of their correct strategy in multi-table tournaments. These features are designed to help players optimize their play according to the tournament's structure and prize distribution, ultimately aiming to maximize their expected value (EV) from each decision made at the table.

The Advanced TrueBounty Model for PKO Tournaments

One of the standout features of this update is support for PKO tournament calculations with our proprietary TrueBounty model for PKO tournaments that was previously only available in ICMIZER. PKO tournaments have gained popularity for their dynamic structure and the added strategic element of bounties. The TrueBounty model uses an advanced approach evaluate bounty situations when compared to a more straightforward and naive proportional PKO model. This sophisticated approach goes beyond traditional bounty analysis by accounting for factors such as the size of the bounty, the tournament phase, and the stack sizes involved. The TrueBounty model is poised to become an indispensable tool for players seeking to excel in PKO tournaments.

To utilize Postflopizer and review PKO tournaments, simply choose or create the correct PKO tournament first, then paste the hand history or assign stacks & bounties manually.


Easy Hand History Loading

Tournament hands include a lot of parameters - we need to know stacks of all players, bounties, actions, tournament structure, blinds, board, etc. Compared to cash simulation tournament context requires a lot of additional fields to be filled correctly. Postflopizer addresses complexity of tournament hand analysis setup by implementing hand history loading for tournaments and cash games.

This feature enables players to import their hand histories directly into Postflopizer as text, and Postflopizer will load it correctly and assign all the corresponding parameters. The only thing that is left to fill by you is the tournament structure.

For tournaments we support all hand history formats that ICMIZER supports, which includes PokerStars, GGPoker, PartyPoker and most other major poker networks.
For cash games we currently support PokerStars hand histories, with more rooms to be added soon.

Postflopizer will also add the actions that were chosen by players into tree, so you will see exactly what happened in your hand and whether or not these actions were mistakes. You can still edit the tree and template, but the actions that took place during the hand will be added automatically to ensure correct hand history analysis without unnessary assumptions like finding the closest available betting or raising option.

These actions are highlighted with greed circle in the tree viewer:

Pricing and licensing

If you have an ICMIZER subscription, then you need any Postflopizer subscription to start postflop tournament calculations.

If you have an Postflopizer license or subscription, then you need any ICMIZER subscription to get access to this new functionality.

Generally, you need any active ICMIZER & any active Postflopizer subscription in order to get access to tournament related postflop GTO calculations in Postflopizer.

By default, a Postflopizer license grants access to Cash & Chip EV calculations.

Together, ICMIZER & Postflopizer form the ultimate toolkit for dominating tournaments from start to finish.


The latest update to Postflopizer represents a significant advancement in poker analysis software. By integrating ICM and MTT ICM calculations, introducing the TrueBounty model, and enhancing hand history loading, Postflopizer sets a new standard for strategic poker tools.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, these features offer invaluable insights and a competitive edge in poker tournament play. With Postflopizer's comprehensive suite of analytical tools, players have everything they need to analyze, adapt, and excel in the evolving landscape of competitive tournament poker.

Postflopizer Update: Advanced Tournament (ICM, MTT, PKO) Support
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