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ICMIZER 3.9.0 – New Hand History, Analysis Result and Bubble Factor Tooltips

In ICMIZER 3.9.0 update, we added a lot of new tooltips in order to improve your experience while working with ICMIZER so you can better understand some of its results.

Hand History Tooltips

New tooltips were added for all hands in lists. Now, when you hold a cursor over the hand in a list, you will see a tooltip with a poker table and information about the hand - the tournament type, the Hero's position, players' actions, blinds, the calculation mode, and the FGS depth. You can see new hands tooltips in:

Multi-hand tool


Auto-analysis column


History column


Replayer hands list


Auto-analysis Tooltips

New tooltips were added to the Auto-analysis hands list. Now, when you hold a cursor over the player's action in the list, you can see whether or not you made the correct action. Sometimes players were unsure about the meaining of these so we heard you and it should be much clearer now!





Bubble factor Tooltips

Whenever you perform a Nash calculation, you will see differently colored circles next to each opponent which will indicate their bubble factor against you. The bigger the bubble factor, the more pressure you are putting on this opponent, meaning that they will need more equity to call your pushes (as the most obvious example of applying bubble factor). New tooltips allow you to understand the meaning of bubble factor circles better and see how much raw equity player needs to push or to call.

After all the Bubble factor is just another way to display the raw equity needed since one is directly inferred from the other. Seeing that opponent needs 66% equity versus your push is usually easier to grasp that some obscure number. We want to hear your feedback about this!


If you click on MP's bubble factor, you will see the detailed bubble factor table, which shows the bubble factors of each player against each other player. As we see, the bubble factor for MP versus the Hero on BB is 1.58, and he needs 61.2% raw equity to call Hero's push.


Previously it was pretty difficult to use the table but now with the tooltips things should be much clearer.

ICMIZER 3.9.0 – New Hand History, Analysis Result and Bubble Factor Tooltips
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