ICMIZER 3.15.0 – New Proportional Models for KO and PKO Tournaments in ICMIZER and SNG Coach

In ICMIZER 3.15.0 update, we've added the ability to choose the preferred calculation model for KO and PKO tournaments: Proportional or Flat for KO and TrueBounty or Proportional for PKO.


The settings of preferred models for knockout tournaments will apply not only to calculations in ICMIZER, including autoanalysis, but also to quizzes in SNG Coach, including SNG Coach Mobile. The SNG Coach Mobile application will use the model for knockout tournaments selected in your ICMIZER desktop or web application.

KO Model

Before the update, only a Flat model was used for KO tournaments. Now the Proportional model is used for KO tournaments by default. The Flat model assumes that all players remaining in the tournament have an equal chance of knocking out another opponent, regardless of their stack size. You may notice a difference in the results of previous calculations, sometimes significant, and some of the results may seem unusual. However, they are correct because the Proportional model for KO tournaments is more accurate and up-to-date.

A few times, our users reported that ICMIZER shows too tight ranges in KO hands in some cases. The reason was the Flat model. We made many simulations and comparisons of the two models and found out that the proportional model for KO tournaments works better. This is especially noticeable in tournaments without a regular prize pool, as in the example below.

The calculating result with Flat model:


The calculating result with Proportional model:


If you want to get the same results as you got before the update and use the Flat model, you need to open the ICMIZER settings and select "Flat" in the "KO model" setting, but we recommend using the Proportional model.

PKO Model

For PKO tournaments, the TrueBounty model will be used by default, as before the update. TrueBounty model – a proprietary model for bounty tournaments available only in ICMIZER. The model supports up to 100 players remaining in PKO MTT because of its complexity, ensuring superior precision compared to the ultra-fast Proportional model but takes a longer time to run. The TrueBounty model provides a significantly better approximation of results which can be achieved by Monte-Carlo simulation compared to the simplistic approach of the proportional bounty model. The Proportional model – a simplistic model which overvalues big stacks and undervalues short stacks. The formula for calculation of players bounty part of stacks equity is simple:

(Player’s stack / Total chips in MTT) * Remaining bounty pool

The Proportional bounty model is used for situations with more than 100 players remaining because the preferable TrueBounty model is not available in these situations due to its complex formula. Learn more about the TrueBounty model and Progressive Knockout tournament strategy.

If you want to use the Proportional model for situations with less than 100 players remaining in the PKO tournament, you need to open the ICMIZER settings and select “Proportional” in the “PKO model” setting. We recommend using the more accurate TrueBounty model.

Here is an evident example of the advantage of the TrueBounty model.


The calculating result with Proportional model:


The calculating result with TrueBounty model:


As you can see from the example, in contrast to the simplified proportional model, the TrueBounty model recognizes that a player with a big bounty on SB folded and shows that it is no longer profitable for the player on BB to play the hand with any two against BTN who has a small bounty.

ICMIZER 3.15.0 – New Proportional Models for KO and PKO Tournaments in ICMIZER and SNG Coach
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